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Whole Life: Safe Pet Food!
April 8, 2009, 11:47 pm
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In 2007, many brands of dog and cat food were recalled after many pets suffered from renal failure.  The infamous 2007 pet food recall saw more than 5300 pet food products being recalled and caused the deaths of 3,600 animals (that is just the official count, I am sure many went unreported!) and caused a widespread and more stringent scrutiny of all Chinese imports by the Food and Drugs Administration.

The animal deaths from kidney failure highlighted one of my biggest concerns when it comes to feeding my pets: how safe are dog and cat food products?

The thing is not all brands that advertise “natural” pet foods are being very honest.  If you decide to save on dollars, you might be putting your pet’s long-term health at risk.  Quality ingredients mean quality pet food.  Additionally, dogs and cats are carnivores, and as such, they do not have the required enzymes to break down the grains that are in most pet foods.

I have learned my lesson from that scary incident, luckily my dogs were eating healthily and none of the brands I purchased were part of any list of recalled products.  I am thankful that my preference for the “all natural” and holistic stuff paid off in this instance.

Right now, my pets are feasting on Whole Life.  I am assured that these are made of chicken meat, turkey meat and liver from animals raised in the United States, and beef from Argentina that is strictly inspected by the USDA for human consumption.  What’s more, the salmon and cod that they use are caught from the wild, and not raised in some fish farm.

Additionally, the ingredients in Whole Life are processed by the same facilities that process human food. Not only that, Whole Life is also under tight scrutiny by the USDA.  Not every manufacturer can claim that they are regulated by the USDA.

Moreover, Whole Life guarantees that their food products do not contain grains, chemicals, preservative or fillers!

All Whole Life products, except for the salmon, have a one year shelf life and are cooked before being freeze dried.  Whole Life’s Salmon Fillet has a shelf life of six month and is freeze dried raw.

So treat your pets to a healthy and safe feast.  You can choose from Beef Liver, Chicken, Turkey or Beef Muscle, Wild Cod, or Salmon.  Whole Life products come in 2 oz., 4 oz, 10 oz., and 12 oz. sizes.
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