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April 7, 2009, 10:20 am
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Birthstones are gemstones that are generally associated with the month one is born. A person born in November, for example, will have birthstone Beryl or Topaz as his or her birthstone.

Ancient civilizations have ascribed magical properties to birthstones, and are believed to bring favorable luck to people who wear them.  Some people also believe that these gemstones have amplified healing powers during their designated months.

There is a confusion over which birthstones really signify each month.  Many societies have their own lists of birthstones, and these change over time.  However, there have been efforts to standardize them.  Here’s the modern list of birthstones:

Month             Birthstone

January           Garnet
February          Amethyst
March             Aquamarine
April             Diamond
May               Emerald
June              Pearl
July              Ruby
August            Peridot
September         Sapphire
October           Opal
November          Topaz
December          Turquoise

More than their purported mystical and healing powers, however, birthstones make great accessories.  They are very attractive and are easy to set using similarly precious metals into rings, bracelets and necklaces.

If you prefer, you can also get your zodiac stones.  Zodiac stone follow a different listing and is based on your zodiac sign rather than your birth month.  If you read your zodiac horoscopes, these stones are believed to help you influence the planets to turn to your favor.

The different zodiac stones are:

Sign            Dates                        Stone

Aquarius        January 21 - February 19     Garnet
Pisces          February 20 - March 20       Amethyst
Aries           March 21 - April 20          Bloodstone
Taurus          April 21 - May 20            Sapphire
Gemini          May 21 - June 21             Agate
Cancer          June 22 - July 22            Emerald
Leo             July 23 - August 23          Onyx
Virgo           August 24 - September 23     Carnelian
Libra           September 24 - October 23    Peridot
Scorpio         October 24 - November 22     Beryl
Sagittarius     November 23 - December 21    Topaz
Capricorn       December 22 - January 20     Ruby

Most pet owners also choose their pets’ birthstones or zodiac stones for their pet collars.  Like human jewelry, pet collars that feature birthstones or zodiac stones come off as very elegant and attractive.  They may have healing properties or not, but they are sure to make your pets not only stand out from the crowd, but also make them look very fashionable.

The designs can be simple or elaborate.  Birthstones may be set in pendants of various shapes, including squares, stars and hearts.  Even collars may be studded with the birthstone of your choice.  You can also have all gemstones in one pendant or one collar, if you find that more attractive or if you believe that each stone bring good luck on their own respective months.

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