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Pet Talismans
April 6, 2009, 6:20 am
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If you have a good luck charm, a lucky pen, or a lucky coin, then you have a talisman.  A talisman is something that can bring good luck or provide protection to its owner, and has been a constant fixture in just about any religion.  The word talisman comes from the Greek “Talien” and the Arabic “Tilasm”, which both means an introduction into mysteries.

Across cultures, ages and religions, talismans have played significant roles in people’s lives.  They are usually worn or carried in the body, and can come in different shapes, forms and meanings — from the Christian cross, to the Egyptian ankh, to the Chinese Feng Shui characters, and even to the common four-leaf clovers.

In shamanism, power animals are the most potent talismans.  Your power animal can protect you from harm, or guide you in your goals.

Now it is possible to give your dogs or cats a healing pet talisman.

I never really gave much thought to healing pet talismans until I got it FREE with my dog collar purchase.  The free talisman was a lodestone wrapped in stainless steel wire and had a Swarovski Crystal accent.  Aside from being very attractive, what caught my attention was the lodestone.

Lodestones are very rare.  These are naturally occurring magnets that are believed to have been struck by lightning to gain that magnetic property.  Healing powers have been traditionally ascribed to lodestones.  Magnets, in general, are said to have healing properties. They have been used as alternative treatment for a variety of ailments from depression to arthritis to blood and circulation problems, to asthma, to skin and hair problems.

Many people believe that lodestones attract good things and absorb the bad.  In fact, lodestones have been used in carrying out spells and rituals for attracting luck, mates, success, as well as absorbing negativity.  These have also been used to charge ritualistic spell items.

So, with the purported healing properties and the good luck it promises to bring to me and my pet, I hooked it to my dog’s collar and found that it looked really good!  Also, I have noticed that the once unruly dog became increasingly well behaved.  Although I am really not sure if it is the amulet’s doing, or the vitamins or the new dog shampoo, but my dog’s hair became thicker and more manageable in just a month after using the pet talisman.

I am usually a very logical person, and I do not usually give in to voodoo and mysticism, but if using a FREE pet talisman could protect my dog from any untoward incident, or from sickness or give him healing powers, I am all for it.  The fact that the pet talisman was very beautiful is an added plus!

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