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How to Measure Your Pet for the Right Size
April 4, 2009, 12:44 pm
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Shopping online for pet clothing?   

One of the barriers of shopping online for pet clothing is that you are not familiar with the sizes for your pets as well as the measuring system used by online shops.  In pet stores, you have the option of trying it on your dog or cat to see how it will fit.  But while shopping online, it is close to impossible to gauge if the fit is right, even with pictures!  And the thing is, most sellers just list standard and generic sizes like extra small, small, medium, large, or extra large.  And we all know that these “standard” sizes change according to the brand or company manufacturing it. 

Some sellers also say that their products fit a particular breed perfectly.  Experience has taught me otherwise.  Not every dog or cat within the same breed has the same measurements! 

So what to do?  Simple. Take that tape measure out of its storage and measure away!  Be sure to use a seamstress measuring tape to ensure precise measurements, or if you do not have one, measure with a string and a rigid ruler. 

There are three vital measurements you should take:  

  • the chest or the girth,
  • the neck, and
  • the length.

The chest or the girth measurements are taken near the pet’s front shoulders and around the chest.  It basically tells you how loose or tight the body of the clothing will be on your pet.   

The neck measurements will tell you how big the neck opening should be, while the length (which is the measurement taken from the back of the neck to the base of the tail) will tell you how long the item should be. 

If the seller does not have these measurements available on the site, be sure to ask the seller for them.   

Measuring your pet properly ensures a great fit.  It will also keep the shipping cost down.  Most sellers will agree to ship the pet clothing for free, but product returns are usually paid for by the buyer.  So save yourself the money and frustration of receiving pet clothing that does not fit! 

To save even more, if you are buying for a puppy, kitten or growing pets, it is wise to allow for about half an inch to an inch extra in the measurements.  This would give you one to two months more mileage on the pet clothing you purchase.  For fully grown pets, you can probably use the exact measurements to ensure a great fit!

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