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How to Choose a Pet Carrier
April 3, 2009, 12:49 pm
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More and more pet owners are now carrying their pets in pet carriers.  Most cat owners find that their cats become panicky and finicky outside of their pets’ comfort zone, while there are others who like their pets contained inside pet carriers when taking public transport or when out in public.  Still others think that it is the best way to transport a sick dog.  For whatever reason, choosing a pet carrier can be a daunting task.   

Here’s how a pet owner should choose a carrier for his or her fluffy one: 

Size matters.  Take note that pet carrier manufacturers have specific size and weight limits for their carriers, so pay attention to these.   Also, consider something with a larger opening that would allow you to put your pet inside the carrier even if your pet does not want to go in willingly and you have to force it inside. 

On wheels?  There are now pet carriers with wheels.  This is perfect if you are planning to do a lot of walking or traveling with your pet inside the carrier. Carriers with wheels would save you from tired arms and your pet from getting jostled too much.   

Wearable Carriers.  Some people love their pets so much, that they want to wear them.  Wearable carriers like a dog carrier purse (think Paris Hilton), a carrier sling or a backpack carrier, really make great fashion statements!  Just make sure that your pet is comfortable and safe in these wearable carriers!   

The only disadvantage to wearable carriers is that they only work well with smaller pets. But well, who wants to “wear” a really big adult German shepherd anyway? 

General tips: 

  • Now that you have decided which kind of carrier you want, here are the general tips to choosing a pet carrier: 
  • Make sure the carrier has proper support for your pets.  This includes maintaining the interior space and reinforced structural pressure areas.
  • Make sure that the carrier is balanced and leveled.
  • Make sure that there are closure fasteners, and other security mechanisms that can help you restrain your pet if necessary.  But also, ensure that there are no loose parts inside the carrier either.
  • Make sure that the carrier has proper ventilation, and is made of materials that are safe and non-toxic. 
  • Make sure that the carrier has enough storage for your pet’s toys, food and water.  This is to make it easier for you by not having too many bags to lug around.

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