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April 16, 2009, 11:11 am
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Whole Life: Safe Pet Food!
April 8, 2009, 11:47 pm
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In 2007, many brands of dog and cat food were recalled after many pets suffered from renal failure.  The infamous 2007 pet food recall saw more than 5300 pet food products being recalled and caused the deaths of 3,600 animals (that is just the official count, I am sure many went unreported!) and caused a widespread and more stringent scrutiny of all Chinese imports by the Food and Drugs Administration.

The animal deaths from kidney failure highlighted one of my biggest concerns when it comes to feeding my pets: how safe are dog and cat food products?

The thing is not all brands that advertise “natural” pet foods are being very honest.  If you decide to save on dollars, you might be putting your pet’s long-term health at risk.  Quality ingredients mean quality pet food.  Additionally, dogs and cats are carnivores, and as such, they do not have the required enzymes to break down the grains that are in most pet foods.

I have learned my lesson from that scary incident, luckily my dogs were eating healthily and none of the brands I purchased were part of any list of recalled products.  I am thankful that my preference for the “all natural” and holistic stuff paid off in this instance.

Right now, my pets are feasting on Whole Life.  I am assured that these are made of chicken meat, turkey meat and liver from animals raised in the United States, and beef from Argentina that is strictly inspected by the USDA for human consumption.  What’s more, the salmon and cod that they use are caught from the wild, and not raised in some fish farm.

Additionally, the ingredients in Whole Life are processed by the same facilities that process human food. Not only that, Whole Life is also under tight scrutiny by the USDA.  Not every manufacturer can claim that they are regulated by the USDA.

Moreover, Whole Life guarantees that their food products do not contain grains, chemicals, preservative or fillers!

All Whole Life products, except for the salmon, have a one year shelf life and are cooked before being freeze dried.  Whole Life’s Salmon Fillet has a shelf life of six month and is freeze dried raw.

So treat your pets to a healthy and safe feast.  You can choose from Beef Liver, Chicken, Turkey or Beef Muscle, Wild Cod, or Salmon.  Whole Life products come in 2 oz., 4 oz, 10 oz., and 12 oz. sizes.
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April 7, 2009, 10:20 am
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Birthstones are gemstones that are generally associated with the month one is born. A person born in November, for example, will have birthstone Beryl or Topaz as his or her birthstone.

Ancient civilizations have ascribed magical properties to birthstones, and are believed to bring favorable luck to people who wear them.  Some people also believe that these gemstones have amplified healing powers during their designated months.

There is a confusion over which birthstones really signify each month.  Many societies have their own lists of birthstones, and these change over time.  However, there have been efforts to standardize them.  Here’s the modern list of birthstones:

Month             Birthstone

January           Garnet
February          Amethyst
March             Aquamarine
April             Diamond
May               Emerald
June              Pearl
July              Ruby
August            Peridot
September         Sapphire
October           Opal
November          Topaz
December          Turquoise

More than their purported mystical and healing powers, however, birthstones make great accessories.  They are very attractive and are easy to set using similarly precious metals into rings, bracelets and necklaces.

If you prefer, you can also get your zodiac stones.  Zodiac stone follow a different listing and is based on your zodiac sign rather than your birth month.  If you read your zodiac horoscopes, these stones are believed to help you influence the planets to turn to your favor.

The different zodiac stones are:

Sign            Dates                        Stone

Aquarius        January 21 - February 19     Garnet
Pisces          February 20 - March 20       Amethyst
Aries           March 21 - April 20          Bloodstone
Taurus          April 21 - May 20            Sapphire
Gemini          May 21 - June 21             Agate
Cancer          June 22 - July 22            Emerald
Leo             July 23 - August 23          Onyx
Virgo           August 24 - September 23     Carnelian
Libra           September 24 - October 23    Peridot
Scorpio         October 24 - November 22     Beryl
Sagittarius     November 23 - December 21    Topaz
Capricorn       December 22 - January 20     Ruby

Most pet owners also choose their pets’ birthstones or zodiac stones for their pet collars.  Like human jewelry, pet collars that feature birthstones or zodiac stones come off as very elegant and attractive.  They may have healing properties or not, but they are sure to make your pets not only stand out from the crowd, but also make them look very fashionable.

The designs can be simple or elaborate.  Birthstones may be set in pendants of various shapes, including squares, stars and hearts.  Even collars may be studded with the birthstone of your choice.  You can also have all gemstones in one pendant or one collar, if you find that more attractive or if you believe that each stone bring good luck on their own respective months.

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Pet Talismans
April 6, 2009, 6:20 am
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If you have a good luck charm, a lucky pen, or a lucky coin, then you have a talisman.  A talisman is something that can bring good luck or provide protection to its owner, and has been a constant fixture in just about any religion.  The word talisman comes from the Greek “Talien” and the Arabic “Tilasm”, which both means an introduction into mysteries.

Across cultures, ages and religions, talismans have played significant roles in people’s lives.  They are usually worn or carried in the body, and can come in different shapes, forms and meanings — from the Christian cross, to the Egyptian ankh, to the Chinese Feng Shui characters, and even to the common four-leaf clovers.

In shamanism, power animals are the most potent talismans.  Your power animal can protect you from harm, or guide you in your goals.

Now it is possible to give your dogs or cats a healing pet talisman.

I never really gave much thought to healing pet talismans until I got it FREE with my dog collar purchase.  The free talisman was a lodestone wrapped in stainless steel wire and had a Swarovski Crystal accent.  Aside from being very attractive, what caught my attention was the lodestone.

Lodestones are very rare.  These are naturally occurring magnets that are believed to have been struck by lightning to gain that magnetic property.  Healing powers have been traditionally ascribed to lodestones.  Magnets, in general, are said to have healing properties. They have been used as alternative treatment for a variety of ailments from depression to arthritis to blood and circulation problems, to asthma, to skin and hair problems.

Many people believe that lodestones attract good things and absorb the bad.  In fact, lodestones have been used in carrying out spells and rituals for attracting luck, mates, success, as well as absorbing negativity.  These have also been used to charge ritualistic spell items.

So, with the purported healing properties and the good luck it promises to bring to me and my pet, I hooked it to my dog’s collar and found that it looked really good!  Also, I have noticed that the once unruly dog became increasingly well behaved.  Although I am really not sure if it is the amulet’s doing, or the vitamins or the new dog shampoo, but my dog’s hair became thicker and more manageable in just a month after using the pet talisman.

I am usually a very logical person, and I do not usually give in to voodoo and mysticism, but if using a FREE pet talisman could protect my dog from any untoward incident, or from sickness or give him healing powers, I am all for it.  The fact that the pet talisman was very beautiful is an added plus!

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April 5, 2009, 4:20 pm
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Based in Wattens, Austria, Swarovski has built a name for itself for really beautiful and attractive crystal beads, glasses, and jewelry.  Today, Swarovski is the world’s leading producer of genuine gemstones, cut crystals and created stones.

Swarovski crystals have around 32% lead in it to maximize the refraction of light.  The lead along with a special metallic chemical coatings, allow it to refract all colors of the rainbow.  The company has prided itself with combining art, beauty, ingenuity and technology in making these crystals.  Its precision cutting has made the company the best in its field all around the world.  The beauty of its gemstones, as well as the lustrous depth and brilliance of each piece, reinforces the legacy and the image of the Swarovski name.

Swarovski crystals have been used in a lot of different things like chandeliers, architectural lighting, mobile phone accents, clothing design, sculptures, sunglasses, and even in cakes!  Swarovski has also been used for elite designer perfume bottles, most notably those of Lancome, Yves St Laurent, Jewel Perfume, and Laura Biagiotti Roma Perfume.

World-famous companies have also commissioned Swarovski for their special edition giveaways. To name a few, these companies are Singapore Airlines, Mattel, Walt Disney, Harrod’s and Macy’s.

With a little less than 24,000 employees and sales of 2.52 billion Euros in 2008, the company has been growing and improving on its niche products.  Swarovski has 19 production sites around the world, including those in Argentina, Austria, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, France and Germany.  They have global distribution networks in more than 40 countries around the world.  The company also has nearly 900 owned retail outlets and sales are complemented with another 744 partner-operated boutiques.  Definitely, a long way off from the company founded by Daniel Swarovski in 1895

Beautiful, precise and elegant: these are the words that describe a Swarovski gem. Understandably, products that feature Swarovski gems also shine.  The latest additions to the fine line of products that feature Swarovskis are pet collars, pendants and other accessories.

Now, your pet can wear the elegance of a Swarovski-studded collar.  Why settle for cheap looking gemstones, or rhinestones, when there are collars with Swarovski stones that literally shine under any light?

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How to Measure Your Pet for the Right Size
April 4, 2009, 12:44 pm
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Shopping online for pet clothing?   

One of the barriers of shopping online for pet clothing is that you are not familiar with the sizes for your pets as well as the measuring system used by online shops.  In pet stores, you have the option of trying it on your dog or cat to see how it will fit.  But while shopping online, it is close to impossible to gauge if the fit is right, even with pictures!  And the thing is, most sellers just list standard and generic sizes like extra small, small, medium, large, or extra large.  And we all know that these “standard” sizes change according to the brand or company manufacturing it. 

Some sellers also say that their products fit a particular breed perfectly.  Experience has taught me otherwise.  Not every dog or cat within the same breed has the same measurements! 

So what to do?  Simple. Take that tape measure out of its storage and measure away!  Be sure to use a seamstress measuring tape to ensure precise measurements, or if you do not have one, measure with a string and a rigid ruler. 

There are three vital measurements you should take:  

  • the chest or the girth,
  • the neck, and
  • the length.

The chest or the girth measurements are taken near the pet’s front shoulders and around the chest.  It basically tells you how loose or tight the body of the clothing will be on your pet.   

The neck measurements will tell you how big the neck opening should be, while the length (which is the measurement taken from the back of the neck to the base of the tail) will tell you how long the item should be. 

If the seller does not have these measurements available on the site, be sure to ask the seller for them.   

Measuring your pet properly ensures a great fit.  It will also keep the shipping cost down.  Most sellers will agree to ship the pet clothing for free, but product returns are usually paid for by the buyer.  So save yourself the money and frustration of receiving pet clothing that does not fit! 

To save even more, if you are buying for a puppy, kitten or growing pets, it is wise to allow for about half an inch to an inch extra in the measurements.  This would give you one to two months more mileage on the pet clothing you purchase.  For fully grown pets, you can probably use the exact measurements to ensure a great fit!

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How to Choose a Pet Carrier
April 3, 2009, 12:49 pm
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More and more pet owners are now carrying their pets in pet carriers.  Most cat owners find that their cats become panicky and finicky outside of their pets’ comfort zone, while there are others who like their pets contained inside pet carriers when taking public transport or when out in public.  Still others think that it is the best way to transport a sick dog.  For whatever reason, choosing a pet carrier can be a daunting task.   

Here’s how a pet owner should choose a carrier for his or her fluffy one: 

Size matters.  Take note that pet carrier manufacturers have specific size and weight limits for their carriers, so pay attention to these.   Also, consider something with a larger opening that would allow you to put your pet inside the carrier even if your pet does not want to go in willingly and you have to force it inside. 

On wheels?  There are now pet carriers with wheels.  This is perfect if you are planning to do a lot of walking or traveling with your pet inside the carrier. Carriers with wheels would save you from tired arms and your pet from getting jostled too much.   

Wearable Carriers.  Some people love their pets so much, that they want to wear them.  Wearable carriers like a dog carrier purse (think Paris Hilton), a carrier sling or a backpack carrier, really make great fashion statements!  Just make sure that your pet is comfortable and safe in these wearable carriers!   

The only disadvantage to wearable carriers is that they only work well with smaller pets. But well, who wants to “wear” a really big adult German shepherd anyway? 

General tips: 

  • Now that you have decided which kind of carrier you want, here are the general tips to choosing a pet carrier: 
  • Make sure the carrier has proper support for your pets.  This includes maintaining the interior space and reinforced structural pressure areas.
  • Make sure that the carrier is balanced and leveled.
  • Make sure that there are closure fasteners, and other security mechanisms that can help you restrain your pet if necessary.  But also, ensure that there are no loose parts inside the carrier either.
  • Make sure that the carrier has proper ventilation, and is made of materials that are safe and non-toxic. 
  • Make sure that the carrier has enough storage for your pet’s toys, food and water.  This is to make it easier for you by not having too many bags to lug around.

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